Financing Your Franchise

Financing Your Own Pink Zebra Moving Franchise

There is no one single type of Pink Zebra Moving franchise owner. Some may come from blue-collar workplaces while others may come from a white-collar work environment. No matter your professional history, one of the more important hurdles you'll need to cross is how to finance the investment required to develop one of our territories. The good news is that we have developed great relationships with financing partners ready to help you start your own Pink Zebra Moving franchise.

Pink Zebra mover walking up hill.

Our financing partners have experienced success using the following methods to help a franchisee access capital for their start-up business.

Home Equity Loan

If you have equity in your personal home or any other real estate, then you may qualify for a home equity loan, commonly referred to as a HELOC. This type of loan can be a less expensive way to finance your franchise and the process moves pretty quickly since real estate is a preferred type of collateral for most banks.

SBA Loan

The U.S. Small Business Administration created the SBA Franchise Directory to streamline the process for entrepreneurs looking to access capital. Our brand is included within the SBA approved franchise directory which allows us to fast track qualified franchise candidates through the SBA application process. There are multiple ways to utilize the SBA for your business’ financing and we work with several preferred lenders that can walk you through the process.

401(k) Retirement rollovers

We work with several lending partners that can work with you to access capital from your 401(k) retirement account. The savings inside your 401(k) can be moved into a self-directed IRA that can then be used to start a business. This process usually only takes 2-3 weeks and does not penalize your retirement account with early withdrawal penalties.

Equity Financing

Some of our current franchises are owned by groups of people. Typically, a group forms a company comprised of different individuals that all perform a service. Some of the individuals within the company may provide capital while others may provide sweat equity towards the operations of the business. This arrangement is delicate and everyone within the group must understand their specific roles in order for us to approve the franchise candidate for territory development.