Our Story

Pink Zebra Moving began as a dream — we sought to solve a problem that we knew lots of people experienced. Our owner watched his mother-in-law get scammed by a moving company and saw a need for something better. Her original estimate to move was $900 but the final bill ended up around $3000 — a 300% increase from the original estimate!

After researching the moving company, our owner was shocked to discover that this particular moving company wasn’t the only business scamming folks, so he reached back into his 19 years of entrepreneurial experience and decided to do something about it.

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Photo of the side of a Pink Zebra Moving truck

The Pink Zebra Difference

Two Pink Zebra Moving movers walking toward a house with moving boxes

Combining years of entrepreneurial experience with a unique business model is what led Pink Zebra Moving to be where we are today. By implementing a Pay Enhancement Plan, we revolutionized the moving experience, giving our customers the opportunity to directly determine the exact wage that we pay our team of movers. 

The Pay Enhancement Plan is a true motivational strategy designed to create owners out of each of our employees, leading to an unmatched customer service experience for our clients.

Our plan works, and we know it works because we’ve used this exact strategy for the past 19 years inside the residential cleaning industry. This unique compensation plan allowed us to scale a one-store cleaning business into a $40M nationally-recognized brand with 90 locations across the country.

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