How We Use Systems

Pink Zebra Moving began as an idea, like many businesses do. We saw an opportunity to disrupt the industry and provide a moving experience like no other, and that’s what we did. We’ve combined several key systems into our business strategy that keep Pink Zebra Moving running seamlessly.

We opened our first location as a business incubator with a purpose to test new and creative ideas never before attempted in the moving industry. Today, the Pink Zebra Moving business model is comprised of hundreds of systems that have been proven to be effective, efficient and profitable.

Our successful strategy, combined with our motivated team and management, has allowed us to begin franchising our concept. We want the entire moving industry to utilize our business model, so we spent time documenting the systems and tasks that have made us successful, resulting in a comprehensive operations manual that will revolutionize the industry.

Two Pink Zebra moving trucks parked on the street.
Person carrying Pink Zebra Moving box into a location.

Why Are Systems Important?

Systems allow business owners to run their businesses rather than letting the business run them. This isn’t a new concept — in fact, Michael Gerber’s famous E-Myth book, which is over 30 years old, details how most failed businesses do not fail because of poor products or poor services. Most unsuccessful businesses fail simply because they neglected to put proper systems into place to allow the business owner to step away from the inner workings of the business. Documented systems are the common thread between all successful and profitable businesses.

The Pink Zebra Moving Operations & Best Practices Manual

We’ve interviewed several franchisees within the customer service sector and realized that many franchises consider their operations manual to be nothing more than another book on their shelf. At Pink Zebra Moving, we consider our operations and best practices manual a foundational tool that automates most functions within the business.

Our manual contains detailed tasks that provide streamlined solutions for a franchisee, including:

Step By Step Procedures
Essential forms
Proven Systems