Multi-Unit Ownership

Owning more than one territory can provide a franchisee with an excellent opportunity for quick growth and accelerated wealth creation. It's a fun way to build an empire but not all multi-unit franchises look the same. Some multi-unit franchisees may own just two franchise territories in their hometown while others may own more than 50 territories across multiple states. The choice to own more than one territory ultimately comes down to a few factors:

  • Your ability to finance the multi-unit investment opportunity
  • Your willingness to manage a larger business footprint
  • Your desire to service multiple areas of the local community, state, or region

As you can imagine, owning one territory versus multiple territories can present significantly different situations when it comes to the day-to-day management of multiple territories. Owning a single location often means being there every single day and essentially being the manager of the business. However, individuals who want to own multiple locations do not normally want to also serve as their business' day-to-day operations manager. Multi-unit franchisees are still involved in their business on a full-time basis, but the primary focus is on generating a strong bottom line result for their large franchise network.

A multi-unit Pink Zebra Moving franchisee can receive several cost efficiencies by owning more than one territory. For instance, a franchisee who owns multiple adjacent territories may be able to serve their footprint with just one single office location and possibly just one manager. There's also the potential to save money towards some of our brand's ongoing expenses such as software, local marketing, national sales center services or insurance. One of the biggest cost efficiencies of owning more than one Pink Zebra Moving franchise territory is our willingness to offer discounted initial franchise fees. While our standard initial franchise fee for a single territory is $30,000, we can offer a reduced rate to some franchisees that decide to purchase more than one single territory. If we decide to offer multiple territories to a franchisee, the reduced rate for a second territory is only $15,000 while the reduced rate for a third, fourth or fifth territory is only $10,000. A breakdown of the cumulative initial franchise fee for multiple franchises is below:

Franchises Owned
Cumulative Initial Franchise Fees
1 Franchise:
2 Franchise:
3 Franchise:
4 Franchise:
5 Franchise:

While we reserve the right to award multiple franchises, most multi-unit agreements are awarded to franchisees that want to serve adjacent markets within a designated metropolitan area. A multi-unit franchise opportunity with us is a great way to maximize exposure within a market without incurring the large overhead costs typically associated with a large-scale growth investment. A full disclosure of the expected total investment required to develop multiple territories with us can be found in our FDD.

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