How We Train and Support

How Does Pink Zebra Moving Support Our Franchisees?

Our job is to teach and train a franchisee how to manage a moving company and provide support every step of the way. The process to prepare a franchisee for their business’ grand opening is intense and requires hard work from everyone involved.

We’ve developed systems and best practices that give us a serious advantage over our competitors. We know what’s going to happen during your first year of operations and also know what’s going to happen when you build a $1M business. Although you may be opening a business alone, you can trust that you’ll never be by yourself. We’ll always be there with virtual and even face to face support.

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Initial Training Process

All franchisees undergo a detailed pre-open process that takes anywhere from 75 – 120 days. Our goal is to have a new franchisee open for business within 90 days of the execution of a franchise agreement. The pre-open process begins with a kickoff phone call to schedule key dates such as the business’ grand opening and the multiple face to face training dates. The real work begins once all key dates have been scheduled.

Pink Zebra University

Face-to-Face Training

One of the key portions of the pre-open process is the face to face training received from the home office. All franchisees will be required to attend and graduate from Pink Zebra University upon execution of a franchise agreement. Classes are presented in a formal classroom setting, with some portions of the training conducted within our local Birmingham, AL office location.

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Through Pink Zebra University, a franchisee will be instructed on how to utilize the following systems or solutions:

Pre-Opening Instructions
Proprietary software solutions
Unique lead Generation techniques
Detailed Sales Script
Proven lead Conversion Strategies
Formula based Pricing Structures
Effective Hiring PRactices
Team Member Motivational Strategies
Daily and Weekly Operations

We also provide a mandatory initial training course before you begin to operate your franchised business. Training consists of on-the-job and classroom sessions for a period of 10 days. Training will consist of up to five days in Birmingham, Alabama and five days inside the franchisee’s territory. It is mandatory for the majority owners and/or operating partner to complete the initial franchisee training. We also advise franchisees to encourage other key members of their business to participate in the 10-day training exercise.

Ongoing Support

We believe that ongoing support of your franchised business is one of the most important benefits with our franchise system. As a franchisee, you can expect the following support tools to help with your business’ success:

  • Field Service Support
  • First Year Experience
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Bimonthly Conference Calls
  • Franchise Advisory Committee (FAC)
  • Regional Meetings
  • National Sales Center (NSC)
  • Business Coaching Support
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